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AI Image

I started my acquaintance with artificial intelligence for images (DALL·E 2,
Midjourney, and 
This is not exactly "my thing,"
since I'm not involved with drawing at all.

But anyway the feelings are mixed.

The pros:
  • You can quickly generate a beautiful image.
  • Very beautiful colors and nice silhouettes.
  • For those who constantly need some images for social networks - now it's very easy to do it all.
  • If the image is in the style of a "real photo," it's like creating a new reality.
The cons:
  • When I watch a person draw, I always think about why they chose that color. Why they chose that pattern. What stands BEHIND the drawing. What was invested in it. There seems to be more meaning and more energy there.
  • An image generated by artificial intelligence is just generated content that was "created" based on my promt and various other images that already exist but is modified and changed by the program. This is very beautiful. It's very interesting. It's very convenient and quick to "create."  
who am I? 
Who am I - the person who created this image? 
An artist - no. 
Photographer - no. 
An illustrator - no. 
Is it MY creativity? - yes and no. A complex question.

But it's cool.