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Python MediaPipe (Hands)

Hi! Today, I want to delve into something truly exciting in the world of computer vision: MediaPipe. Developed by Google, MediaPipe is a framework that has been revolutionizing the way we interact with and understand visual data. 

There are 11 different modules -
  1. drawing_styles: Customize styles for drawing detected objects and landmarks.
  2. drawing_utils: Utility functions for drawing on images and videos.
  3. face_detection: Detect and locate faces within images and video streams.
  4. face_mesh: Analyze the contours and features of a face.
  5. face_mesh_connections: Define the connections between face landmarks.
  6. hands: Track and analyze hand gestures and positions.
  7. hands_connections: Connect landmarks in the hands for visualization.
  8. holistic: Comprehensive solution for analyzing face, hands, and body posture.
  9. objectron: 3D object detection and spatial understanding.
  10. pose: Detect and analyze human body postures.
  11. selfie_segmentation: Segment a person from the background in selfies or portraits.
Join me as we explore and practice using these modules 😍

I started from hands:

In my opinion, the "hands" module in Python's MediaPipe is an impressive library. It's very user-friendly for beginners.

Please share your thoughts and feedback if this topic is interesting to you.

Thank you!