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Tell me what to do, and I will do it.

This month, I have some free time, and I'm attending many IT events. 

I've noticed a trend that now everyone wants ideas. If, about five years ago, it was cool just to know a technology or a programming language even a little, that was enough. Companies wanted you. Now, because the world has become fast-paced, everyone wants ideas and solutions.

There are now many startups and hackathons (even Nova Poshta, a Ukrainian Company that deals with the delivery of goods, put up a huge poster near my house and organized an IT hackathon). Often, large companies want innovation and solutions.

So, if before you could come to a Company and follow instructions or ask a manager, "what should I do?" and just execute step-by-step what you were told, now that DOESN'T work. 

Because nobody knows what needs to be done. 

Nobody knows which framework to choose or which technology. 
Often you need to take a few, compare, choose, and propose something. 

Find a solution, come to your team and suggest it. 

Because the world is fast now, and nobody wants subordinates coming with questions like: "tell me what to do, and I will do it."

Try to change that to "let's try this and do it this way." 

But there's a slippery slope here: when a person does not feel the need of the Company and just chases technologies. 
You must be careful and honest with yourself: 
are you doing what you're doing because it's cool for the Company/Product, or is it good technology for your resume? 

Slippery slope. 

You have to be honest with yourself and the Company you are doing this for.